In iPadOS introduced support for third-party fonts

Presented in early June iPadOS was rich in innovations. We managed to tell almost about all innovations, however, something still remained behind the scenes. The fact that iPadOS had such a useful option as support for third party fonts. Many Western resources needlessly bypassed this theme party – for there is nothing to talk about.

Perhaps no one will be the revelation that Apple has spent serious work on iPadOS: in the system there is support for a mouse, external drives, a complete file Manager with advanced options, a new convenient gestures, and even smarter multitasking. But as it turned out, and that’s not all — iPadOS also learned to work with third-party fonts.

What does it do?

An example — imagine that you are a designer and use in your activities iPad on iOS 12. This plan involves working layouts and sketches. Apple devices are perfect for this fit, but are limitations on the mobile platform. The fact that all image editors use a predefined set of fonts. Self-install new font and apply it in your project, it was not until the time of the announcement of the new OS.

Third-party fonts in App Store

Fortunately, now these restrictions in the past. Users who installed a beta build iPadOS may notice that the App Store has a new tab — fonts. You can now download and install any font styles and use them in graphic and text editors third-party developers.

To manage all installed fonts in your device’s settings. Of course, all available font styles can be viewed and, if necessary, to remove unnecessary. In other words, everything became as a full-fledged desktop operating systems. It seems that the moment in which the iPad can fully replace a computer, is not far off.

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