In Japan has developed a tyre which produce electricity

Electric cars are, without a doubt, the future of all vehicles. While the industry of creation of electric cars is still quite young and, most likely, electric cars for wide range of consumers in the future will be very different from what we see today. Maybe they are tires from the Japanese company Sumitomo Rubber. What’s so special about them, you ask? Quite simply, these seemingly ordinary car tyres is capable of producing electricity.

As pokryshki produce energy

By and large, the development of the Japanese is quite simple: on the inside of the bus is a special device for collecting static electricity. As you know, during the traffic and permanent deformation of the tire is formed a sufficient amount of energy, which usually simply dissipated. However, a new device, poluchivshij Energy Harvester (“energy collector”), allows the use of static electricity for the benefit of the car.

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According to the engineers of Sumitomo Rubber, for the full vehicle power collected energy, of course, will not be enough. However, it is enough to, for example, to power the sensor dalene tire or the motion sensors, controllers, braking systems and other electronic devices that do not require a lot of energy. It may seem like “a drop in the bucket”, but such minor modifications may increase the cruising range of the car for a couple kilometers, and it is always a pleasure.

What’s next?

In fact, there the company Sumitomo Rubber ostanavlivatsya not going and if now the Energy Harvester operates on the collection of static electricity, in the future engineers plan to significantly increase the energy efficiency of the whole technology. If at this point the device can be used with almost all types of tires, just by integrating the system on the inner surface, then when using airless tire system can be made more massive and be installed already in the bus. Moreover, by providing the electrodes for energy harvesting contact with the ground will greatly increase the amount of energy produced.

Therefore, future iterations of the Energy Harvester can collect energy from the friction of the earth’s surface. And this will provide far more substantial inflow of electricity into the system for supply of electromobile.

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