In just two months .. the Huawei has shipped 3 million units of the phone Honor 10

Since its launch in the month of May proved phone Honor 10 his success was very popular among the users, this seems to be obvious after that achieved record sales during a short period.

Huawei announced – Royal for the Honor of business – they managed to sell 3 million units of its smartphone Honor 10 after less than two months of supplied in the world markets, which helped the Chinese company to grow steadily over the past few months.

In general, the Honor brand has experienced a clear increase in the volume of its sales, with the exception of the Chinese market, the Honor has made during the first half of the year grew by 150% compared to the same period last year. Europe is the one of the most important markets for the Brand of China, where shipments grew as sold in the UK by 200% and doubled 5 times in Spain, shortly after the launch of the phone Honor 10 in Russia became the second largest supplier of smartphones in the country is superior to Apple.

Away from the European continent, the Honor has become the fastest growing brand in India during the first six months of 2018 and after that boosted their sales by up to 300%, while now the sixth largest brand technique in China.

Expected to become Honor one of the most important 3 trademarks of smart phones over the next five years, which would bolster Huawei in the global smartphone market.

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The intervention of the city in just two months .. the Huawei has shipped 3 million units of the phone Honor 10 was first deployed in the are.

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