In Malaysia, at a time unknown stole 85 cryptocurrency ATMs

According to the Guinness book of world records, “the greatest Bank robbery in history” was the case with the use of this ingenuity. It was a RAID on the Central Bank of Brazil in Fortaleza. The gang rented space in an adjacent building and dug a tunnel to reach the storage companies. Once there, they took five containers filled with bundles of cash. Now in industry, cryptocurrencies have their “robbery of the century”.

Theft Bitcoin cryptomate

A gang of five men kidnapped 85 cryptomate using similar tactics. Secure device with cryptocurrency stored in Seremban, the capital of the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan. According to local media reports, the total cost of cryptomate exceeds 10 thousand dollars.

Gang consisting of four men and one woman, had rented rooms, located next to the warehouse. Last month in the period between midnight and 04:30 a.m. the robbers drilled the wall separating the two rooms and took cryptomate. In addition to specialized drilling equipment, the police also seized the vehicle used by the gang to make a RAID.

The Seremban police chief Mohd said Ibrahim said that the attackers stole cryptomate for your own use.

Criminals pursued quite specific goal, which was to monitor the transport devices. Their motive for stealing was to control cryptomate yourself.

In other words, criminals can be a failed business. If they have still got to implement the plans, the number of installed cryptomate in Malaysia may grow almost ten times. Note that now in the country there are only nine active devices for issuing cryptocurrency. Most of them are located in the capital of the country.

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By the way, according to Coin ATM Radar, the number of Bitcoin ATM worldwide has reached almost 6,000 units. Recall, a little over a year ago this figure was twice less. In many major cities cryptomate open almost every day, which speaks to the growing demand of the population for the purchase of digital assets. Let’s hope that in the future this trend will lead to the explosive growth of Bitcoin.

Source: Bitcoin ATM Services

Although before mass adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is still far. According to the results of a fresh experiment, to live a full day exclusively to BTC is impossible. Yes, call a taxi most likely will, but problems can arise with more necessary things such as food. For lunch, the author of the experiment, Ryan Trajano had to postpone the rules and pay dollars.

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