In Moscow, an attack on the new cable car

The open two days ago, the cable car from the observation platform on Sparrow hills and Luzhniki stadium committed cyber attack. The news Agency TASS with reference to the press service of the Moscow cable car reports that the incident took place on 28 November at 14:00.

The employees decided to suspend the movement, and then promptly dropped all the passengers at the destination stations to ensure their safety.

“Unfortunately, they are forced to stop carrying passengers. We apologize for the inconvenience”, — quotes the press service of the Agency.

“On further work schedule will be notified on the website of the cable car” — said the press service.

Cable car from the SC “Luzhniki” to the Sparrow hills with three stations “Vorob’evy Gory”, “New League”, “Luzhniki” was launched on November 26. Route length is 720 m, and travel time between stations is five minutes. Passengers can travel by two routes: great circle (“Sparrow hills” — the “New League” — “Luzhniki”) and small (“New League” — “Sparrow hills”). The lift can carry 1,600 passengers per hour. According to reports, the first day the cable car was used by about 4,000 people.

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