In new Mexico suddenly closed the Observatory. “Alien telescope have not seen” says the Director

A week has passed since then, as national solar Observatory in Sanspot, new Mexico, was closed, employees were evacuated and instructed by FBI agents. Undisclosed “security issues” that it’s all a cover up, remain a mystery to the public.

Theories about the true reasons for the closure of the Observatory plucked a variety of topics, from the sudden intercept military signals to detect evidence of the existence of alien life.

There really found aliens?

James Macateer, Director of the Solar Observatory Sunspot, trying to conclusively exclude some theories. He told local reporters that “alien telescope seen. All data will be published unchanged. Nothing is hidden and contains a secret.”

Macateer was also quick to assure that we are unlikely to find aliens using a telescope. In his opinion, any aliens in the immediate vicinity will most likely microbes. He also rejected theories. “There was no killer storms on the sun. Solar storms happen all the time. Nobody has seen imaginary planet.”

It would be possible to envy his calm, but the Barbra Streisand effect applies the faster, the more want to hush up the case.

The Director says he doesn’t know, and then the FBI. The facility was closed by the decision of the Association of universities for research in astronomy (AURA). AURA closed the object. It was their decision. No one confirmed, but the Director believe.

If you think that the FBI gave comments, you are mistaken.

AURA gave the following review:

“AURA decided that the Observatory will remain closed until further notice due to ongoing security concerns. The rest of the National solar Observatory will be open and are functioning normally.”

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