In Norway found a huge Viking ship

We often write about discoveries related to Ancient Egypt, but the culture of the Scandinavian Vikings interested historians, no less. For example, recently in the so-called Central Norway was discovered a grave with the remains of men and women. On the findings of this discovery can be read in our material, but now let’s look at another archaeological discovery, which may well have international significance. The fact that recently on the Norwegian island Edeia were found the remains of a huge Viking ship, inside of which can be skeleton of the legendary warrior. Boat is still not fully excavated, but researchers have already managed to make a pretty interesting conclusions.

Harald Fairhair in the TV series “Vikings”

According to the newspaper The Washington Post, the remains of the ship were found on the territory of the Norwegian province Møre og County of møre og Romsdal in the creation of maps using GPR. Recall that this device is most often used to detect underground objects and it care performed the majority of archaeological discoveries. According to the archaeologist Knut Paasche, the device started to give signals about the presence of the underground facility during the study of a farmers field near a medieval Church.

Mysterious Viking ship

According to researchers, they are dealing with a 17-metre ship, which was buried in a funeral monument, commonly called the mound. At the moment the age of the ship is estimated at 1000 years, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that used in the construction of swimming facilities, the wood is almost completely rotted. Perhaps researchers would be able to find the remaining intact parts, but they were probably destroyed during the plowing of farm fields.

A rough outline of the Viking ship

However, the excavation of the ship are still ongoing and scientists hope to find ancient artifacts. They believe that inside the ship can be the skeleton of some important warrior, as well as various jewelry and weapons. The fact that such large ships were buried exceptionally important personalitieswho participated in bloody battles. The Vikings believed that putting the warrior’s body into the ship along with the jewels and weapons, they escorted him to Valhalla. If you believe Norse mythology, the heavenly “hall of the dead” the fallen continue their heroic life, feasting with the God Odin and fighting with each other.

The medieval Church, near which were found the remains of the ship

According to Knut Paasche, on the location of the ship thousands of years ago was the scene of many battles. It is noteworthy that many of them were conducted by the Viking Harald Fairhair, who is considered the first king of Norway in its history. It is known that such large ships were driven by forces of 26 oarsmen, and sails fell only after the open sea.

The Vikings created the ships, with which nobody could cope for more than 200 years, — said Knut Paasche.

When it is excavated, the shipis still unknown, but it may take a lot of time. It is possible to recognize the outlines of the ancient swimming facilities shall be the only location remaining from the days of nails. Ideally, Norwegian archaeologists would love to find a well-preserved ship, because at this point in the historical Museum in the Norwegian capital Oslo is the reconstruction of only three ships.

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