In Norway found the grave of Vikings that has puzzled scientists

One of the most interesting peoples of antiquity, of course, are the Vikings and sailors who lived on the territory of modern Denmark, Norway and Sweden. About their lives much is known, but their ritual of burial is still puzzling historians from around the world. It is known that the killed in battles, strong warriors were buried inside the funerary boat, along with weapons, jewels and animals. Also, the archaeologists were able to find the mysterious “house of the dead”, which could also serve as graves for dead people. The precise function of these structures, scientists are still unknown, and recently, questions about the burial rituals of the Vikings became even more. The fact that archaeologists from the Norwegian University of science and technology has recently excavated the tomb, which consisted of two funerary boats, in which were the bodies of men and women of different ages. Why could they be buried together?

A frame from the TV series “Vikings”

According to the newspaper ScienceAlert mysterious grave was discovered in the village Vignera, located in Central Norway. In it were found the remains of a boat length 7 to 8 meters, which were invested in a larger boat length up to 10 meters. In a small boat were buried who died in the second half of the 9th century a woman in a jeweled clothes, and with her were put craft tools and cow head. In the big boat was buried a man of the 8th century, and next to him lay a shield, sword and spear.

I’ve heard of several graves of the Vikings with two boats, but never heard of a boat that was buried inside the other boat, — said the archaeologist Raymond Sauvage.

Mysterious grave of Vikings

Unusual Viking burial was found during work to improve the highway. It was in very bad condition, because the wooden boats are almost rotted away and all that was left of them — it was used in their construction iron nails. In principle, scientists were able to identify two boats only due to the location of the preserved materials.

Of particular interest to archaeologists caused a brooch in the shape of a cross, which was once part of a horse harness, made in Ireland. This discovery prompted scientists to suggest that the buried woman belonged to a family whose members participated in raids crossing the ocean. According to the historian Ainu hin, among the Vikings was the norm to make jewelry trophies gained during battles.

Found a brooch in the shape of a cross

Archaeologists have also been suggested about the familial relationship between a man and a woman. Perhaps they were buried together, to leave the family’s right to the possession of a certain plot of land. In the days of the Vikings about any written documents could not be and speeches, so they had to look for different ways to prove that the family owned the land for five or more generations.

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At the moment, archaeologists are trying to study DNA buried the Vikings. Through the analysis they may be able to determine their activity, diet, and even recreate their portrait. It is indeed possible, but recently researchers from the University of Dundee in Scotland have been able to recreate the appearance the Viking womanwho died 1,000 years ago.

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