In Russia began selling the server version of the Mac Pro. It is still more expensive than conventional

In recent times Apple has become a perfect norm to produce new products with significant delay. What was presented in the spring or summer, may enter the market in the fall and even winter. Such a big break due to the fact that at the time of the presentation of novelties are not yet ready, and Apple deliberately takes time out between announcement and actual release to solve a number of technical difficulties. It is therefore not surprising that sometimes in the process of preparatory works, it appears that the final device will differ slightly from what is presented as, for example, the server version of the Mac Pro.

Server version of Mac Pro differs from the classic method of installation. In the photo is not she

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This week Apple brought to Russia the server version of the Mac Pro, which was called rakovoi. As in the United States, we have it costs a bit more than classic: 490 thousand to 450 thousand. Actually the difference is not so big, given that this is just the base computer configuration, which can be equipped with more sophisticated hardware, supporting accessories and increase the final price several times. However, no drastic differences between the server version of the Mac Pro and the usual – not, so the overpayment is so small.

Than the server Mac Pro is different from the usual

The server version of the Mac Pro costs more than conventional with identical hardware

Terms of hardware both versions of the Mac Pro are identical. The same Intel Xeon W with a clock frequency of 3.5 GHz, the same 32 GB of RAM and the same graphics Radeon 580X Pro with 8 GB of memory. But what, then, paying an extra 40 thousand rubles? It is not for the name! The main difference between the server version of the Mac Pro classic is that initially it is not installed vertically, and horizontally secured to the mounting uprights. They are, incidentally, come from this, and the price increased slightly.

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Indeed, for someone to pay 40 thousand rubles for rack mounting, only need to fix the computer can seem savagery. Still, for the money you can buy a good video cardthat will allow the Mac Pro to pull the latest games on ultrastrong, and then some stands. But you have to understand that this is a fee for the quality and for the work Apple has put into designing their product. Especially because the wheels are for a classic Mac Pro you need to pay more 30 thousand rubles, so why not pay 40 for mounting the rack?

Why you need a Mac Pro

Not that I believed such a price is acceptable or available, is. Just for the average user, even able to buy the flagship iPhone is not a loan that 450 million, 490 – will be equally unacceptable. Such purchases can only be afforded by those who understand why the basic version of the computer worth half a million rubles and aware of what brand the Apple Pro Display XDR for the same half a million better than analogues of competitors. So do not think for snobbery – let’s discuss the taste of oysters with those who them really ate.

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Mac Pro is a computer primarily for professionals who work with video editing and special effects, 3D modeling, develop games, and many others. Often they require power what to do in their case with iron, are available by default, is unlikely. The Mac Pro is something like a Mercedes premium, which is absolutely pointless to buy in the basic configuration, because then you will lose the lion’s share of the opportunities that are laid in it by the manufacturer.

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