In Russia began to develop the cosmic washing machine

In the Rocket and space Corporation Energia (RSC Energia) started to develop a special washing machine designed for use in space conditions. The message says that the installation is designed with the expectation of future long-term manned missions to the moon and other interplanetary missions.

Unfortunately, no technical details of the project have not yet been reported. However, it is clear that in space the washing machine will act through the technology of recycling and reuse of water. Last in space is the same luxury as in the desert. The necessity to waste valuable resource in such manned missions will lead to the need to increase useful load, which in turn will result in increasing the cost of the entire mission.

“For future lunar expeditions and other interplanetary spacecraft in the RSC Energia began to develop a special space washing machine”, — reported in the published video Corporation, which also talks about the SIRIUS project, aimed at simulation of a flight to the moon.

Recall that the second experiment of the project SIRIUS. It is held by the Institute of biomedical problems of RAS. At this time, the isolation of “the crew”, consisting of 5 members, will last for four months. In the experiment it is planned to carry out a simulated flight to the moon, to choose the site for the future construction of settlements and bases, and then “return” back to Earth. In the future it is planned to conduct longer isolated experiments.

As reports the edition “RIA Novosti”, about the plans of Russian specialists in the creation of a space of the washing machine reported previously. In particular, such information is contained in the documentation “Scientific research and design Institute of chemical engineering” (Niikhimmash). Thus in the document it is noted that one of the priorities when designing such a system is the introduction of technologies for recycling water from urine.

In addition, RSC “Energia” plans to order the development of advanced space cleaner. The unit will be able to suck up dust, hair, thread, liquid droplets and crumbs of food, sawdust, etc. For testing of the device, its going to use onboard the International space station (ISS). But in the long term space as well as vacuum cleaner and washing machine can be very useful in the implementation of space missions in deep space and to manned bases on the moon and beyond, informed the design of which is already underway.

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