In Russia started selling Powerbeats Pro. They are better than the AirPods?

AirPods is probably the best wireless headphones. Despite the fact that they do not Shine as sound and flow noises due to the lack of sealing of the ear pads, it is difficult to imagine a more convenient accessory. What is seamless connectivity with the ability to monitor the charge level of each earcup. Unfortunately, to take advantage of the AirPods is possible only on iPhone, but Android users will find useful excellent solution called Powerbeats Pro, which is now available in Russia.

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Today, July 12, Apple’s sales of wireless headphones Pro Powerbeats in Russia. Novelty is neither more nor less than 18 990 rubles and is available only in black colour. Unlike the AirPods, Powerbeats Pro designed in the style of headphone brand Beats have special handles that allow them to stay tighter on the ear, as well as rubber seals that cut off external noise.

The best analogue AirPods for Android

However, Apple itself has positioned Powerbeats Pro as an alternative to the AirPods, and therefore equipped with the new chip H1. Thanks to him, headphones connect with your smartphone for a fraction of a second to recognize the command “Hey Siri.” However, the voice assistant is only available on Apple devices, while support for “OK, Google” to activate Google Assistant accessory has. However, thanks to a new app for Android Beats control headphones, plug them in and monitor the level of charge is possible is not an example of easier than before.

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According to the manufacturer the battery life Powerbeats Pro – 9 hours. This is more than the AirPods, but the latter still equipped with a charging case, which Pro Powerbeats deprived. The case, which comes new from Beats designed exclusively for transporting the headphones, charging cable and removable ear cushions. But Powerbeats Pro supports Fast Fuel, providing 1.5 hours of work from 5 minutes of charging.

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