In Russia will start testing 5G networks this summer. But don’t expect to run them

Despite initial plans to launch 5G in Russia only after 2022, domestic operators will allow for early testing of the technology in the current year. On Wednesday, may 29, according to “Izvestia”, citing a draft of the state Commission for radio frequencies. According to the publication, consideration of this issue will be tabled for discussion at the meeting on 5 June. Thus, the question of testing of fifth generation networks can be solved before the end of the summer.

Test 5G technologies in Russia will take place on 25-29 frequency,5 GHz. According to experts, this will be enough to cover networks of the fifth generation stadiums, shopping and business centers, but will not be sufficient for global network deployment in Russian cities. To 5G earned throughout Russia, operators required frequency of 3.4-3.8 GHz. Unfortunately, they are the responsibility of the Ministry of defense, which even is not willing to consider transfer operators.

5G will it work in Russia

As an alternative to Russian operators offer another range – 4,8-4,99 GHz. However, its relevance raises questions. The fact that today almost no smartphones that support this range. It turns out that the devices that support 5G, which operate at ultra-high speed all over the world, in Russia and will continue to work in LTE networks. Therefore, the operators tend not to agree to their leases, preferring the range of 25-29,5 GHz.

Despite the willingness of operators to begin testing 5G in Russia in the summer, the launch of the technology without frequency the 3.4-3.8 GHz is a big question. It is difficult to imagine that the Ministry of defense voluntarily give this range operators, since holding it, the country retains additional opportunities to building an offline Internet free from outside interference, which is included in the immediate plans of the current government.

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