In Safari on iOS to disable the preview web pages

This year Safari has undergone a lot of changes. If before mobile browser, Apple represented though quite convenient solution for surfing the web, its functionality was extremely limited. With the release of iOS Safari 13 became almost the perfect browser with the advanced settings menu, own download Manager and lots of other chips that were previously only available in the desktop version. However, this innovation has led to the fact that some people just get lost in them and cannot understand without assistance. This is what we need.

13 Safari in iOS has changed a lot. But not all changes are relished

After upgrading to iOS 13, many users have noticed that every time they try to open the context menu of links in Safari, for example, to open them in a new tab, copy or share, it displays a small preview window of the web page. Not to say that his appearance had caused particular inconvenience, but many expressed a desire to disable this item. In the end, it may be distracting, and some even interfere. Then why suffer, if it is possible to easily hide obtrusive component of the browser?

How to hide the preview window in Safari

  • To do this, open Safari on your iPhone, iPod or iPad (for iPadOS this method is also applicable);
  • Open any site where there is a hyperlink, attach it to your finger and hold until the context menu;

Preview links in Safari — new problem iOS users 13

  • Turn off the option “Hide link preview” — the preview window will disappear;
  • To return it back, then call the link context menu and activate the option “Show link preview”.

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Please note that without the preview window of the browser interface, immediately began to look somehow tidier and more minimalist. It is of great importance, since a large number of items, even important, for many it has a depressing feeling. Users see an unfamiliar interface components and start to panic, you can’t handle the updated OS. Of course, it is not. In Cupertino always try to avoid anything unnecessary, introducing only the most useful and functional elements of interfaces that make use easier.

Why you need link previews

Take the preview. This feature was implemented in order to protect users. After all, the ability to view the contents of the web page before to open it, can save you from clicking on phishing or malicious links. And since malicious sites on the Network recently divorced a lot, it makes sense.

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IOS 13 there is a correct tendency, when control elements of the application – not just Safari – gradually move the apps themselves. If earlier to change the browser configuration, we had to follow to “Settings” and there to conjure with options, but today everything is done much easier. Similarly, Apple did with the app “Camera” in which there were separate buttons to change resolution and framerate of the video. Unfortunately, such examples are not many, but judging by the content of the coming beta releases, Apple is actively working in this direction and very soon all settings are available directly in the applications.

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