In Scotland found the oldest artificial Islands

At the moment in Scotland and Ireland you can find more than 1,500 so-called crannogs — small artificial Islands in the XVII–XVIII centuries, which were built on the rivers and lakes. The oldest of the existing crannogs still was considered to be built between 3650 to 2500 BC is Correct’donnell, but it turned out that in the world there are artificial Islands older. They are located in bays Loch and Loch Vangastel Langavat, and failed to detect them due to the ceramic pots.

As a General rule, artificial Islands were created in shallow water and was a wooden platform or ridges, constructed of logs, earth and stones. In these structures the ancient inhabitants of Scotland and Ireland built houses, which could only be accessed through the outstretched shore stone or wooden bridges. Researchers believe that the artificial island was designed for protection from bandits.

The search for artificial Islands

The first signs of the existence of artificial Islands older Ilen’donnell was discovered in 2012 by a former submariner of the Royal Navy by Chris Murray. During one of the dives near the small uninhabited archipelago, he found ceramic pots of the early or middle Neolithic inhabitants of those times was actively built crannogs.

One found Chris Murray ceramic pots

Realizing that there might be a previously unknown island, Chris spent re-dipping with a member of the local history Museum mark Elliott and found another ceramic dishes, which are also well preserved. Subsequently, in 2017, they decided to help the archaeologists from Reading University, who was armed with sonar and other professional equipment.

Found the most ancient crannogs in the world

In the end, they managed to open a new artificial island in the Loch of Volgastal — its size was 22 to 26 meters. The second find was made in the Bay of Loh Langavat island the size of 19 by 17 meters, was built on acting from the water the cliff. For construction were used stones weighing up to 250 kilograms and logs, but the last to our times has not survived. Next to the structures, archaeologists found clay pots, which hinted that the island was built before Stonehenge, in the year 3640 BC.

Crannog Loch Vangastel from the height of bird flight

Ancient structures found in completely different parts of our planet. For example, recently the archaeologists managed to unearth one of the most ancient Egyptian fortresses, which had been subjected to a devastating siege. To read about it in our material.

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