In search of freebies: how to make money on the hands of cryptocurrency?

If you’ve always wanted “easy money”, you’ve come to the right place! In the crypt is easy enough to reward a couple of simple actions. Such an award often referred to as “bounty” for the English translation of the word. How much can you earn bounty and how to get free bitcoins? The answers to the five most common questions, read below.

What is a bounty?

This term refers to a reward in the online games.

Yes, the word “bounty” came to us from gamers, but it slightly changed its meaning. The blockchain and cryptocurrencies allow you to use new mechanisms for the distribution of awards using the smart contracts. Have you ever heard of Pavlov’s dog?

Now, instead of allocation of gastric juice from the “experimental” start-UPS trying to motivate your audience some nice bonuses. Typically, these bonuses are in ICO and tokens for a certain activity according to the type of posts on social networks, transfers of wallpaperof, contests, and other.

How bounty can help fight hackers?

Bounty is another way of fighting cybercrime. By the way, is quite effective.

Hackers became the first “target” bounty programs. Because of the abundance of fraudulent schemes in the crypt of a group of enthusiasts created a platform Bitcoin Bounty Hunterthat promises specific rewards in bitcoin for catching hackers.

Properties of smart contracts allow you to use innovative means to punish criminals. For example, with the help of a bounty to encourage the fight against piracy — the most common crime on the Internet. Anyone can point to sites with pirated content and get coins for it.

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Due to the lack of intermediaries payment of bounty in the crypt is the most convenient and transparent, as every transaction can be tracked in the blockchain. With a smart contract, parties to the process need not be a formal Treaty, the cryptocurrency still falls on the member’s account bounty when you perform specific actions laid down in the smart contract.

How do I get the bounty?

You will be rewarded for solving complex problems or tasks in various fields.

For example, some “bounty hunters” get a crypt for the solution of mathematical, physical, engineering and other tasks from the field of science. If you have more knowledge in the field of programming, you will be rewarded with bonuses for finding bugs in program code. At the time the bounty Ethereum Foundation (for finding vulnerabilities Ethereum) has played an important role in the creation of an ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

What to do if you do not have such high skills to get the money for the fight against such serious problems? In this case, it is best to monitor proposals for new startups.

How are bounty and ICO?

While most of these campaigns used to promote anything, because to get a reward for the apprehension of criminals much more difficult.

You’ve probably already noticed that most of startups offers a bounty to his early investors. As a rule, the number of allocated tokens for the campaign announced in advance.

In some cases, rewards are used as a tool to attract new investors. For example, the first participants of the ICO receive an impressive bonus of tokens for the active promotion of the project in their social networks. By the way, the owners of media resources with a large number of member can also earn a nice bounty.

Can I get a free crypt?

Yes, indeed you can. However, it will be airdrop, but the principle of its operation is very similar.

Airdrop are used primarily for commercial ICO or even the already known projects. For example, one of the last significant hand of coins, it became airdrop Stellar for everyone.

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A good tool in the case of “harvest of freebies” could become a platform Also, don’t forget to regularly check for updates on Bitcointalk.


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