In Season II, the 3 new updates for the game “For Honor”

Revealed company Ubisoft about the new updates on the game action and fight For Honor, so in the off-season second for the second year, it is expected to launch the new season, next May on devices PlayStation 4, and the fit of your Xbox Wen.

Includes the new updates join a warrior “Hitokiri” which was added in the first season of the second year of the game to the faction of the Samurai, it also includes the updates add new map for free for all players For Honor, and within the updates also add improvements to the heroes of the current game, especially in terms of the “law bringer” and”raider”.

3 تحديثات جديدة للعبة «For Honor» 3 new updates to the game “For Honor”

Referred to as the Warriors of the “Hitokiri” wandering the earth their weapon the “masacre” like an axe to a giant, they are ghosts and not human beings have lost their trust in humanity, they use their guns in case criminals, and their black cloud when facing them in battle.

Can get updates the second season for the second year of fighting game action For Honor immediately facing them for 1,500 steel “work your game”, or by general ticket for $ 29.99 before the seven days of the availability of updates.

And Game For Honor popular as the number of players in the second year of the launch of the game to 15 million players after release the servers allocated to launch the biggest update in the history of the game “Marching fire”, in addition to a number of other updates that came in response to the players.

3 تحديثات جديدة للعبة «For Honor» 3 new updates to the game “For Honor”

One of the main reasons that have contributed to the spread of the game fighting Action For Honor List of heroes that include a 22 hero, plus they consist of 7 phases group developed individual as well as the contents of the non-limited players.

Released Game For Honor the year 2017, which is about a bloody confrontation between the veterans and the regular set in the time of the Middle Ages, and captures the players the roles of the accountants of the factions, Vikings, Knights and Samurai, and players to battle among themselves in the arena fighting to the death, and the game player in full control of the hero plays out thanks to the battle system the art of battle which gives the ability to exploit the methods of fighting skills of each hero.

The game was developed by a publishing company and the development of video games Ubisoft Montreal, which is headquartered in France and maintains offices in more than 28 countries.

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