In self-driving cars, Internet connectivity is more important than artificial sensors

السيّارات ذاتية القيادة

السيّارات ذاتية القيادة

Plan self-driving cars great strides through 2017 not provided Tesla Model 3, which is available at a price affordable for almost everyone, besides the experiments initiated by companies like Apple and Samsung, without forgetting the efforts of Google’s Old/New that also participated during the calendar year being a large part of the findings.

In all the time to be talking about that these cars rely on sensors Light be able to scan the middle of the ocean and evaluate the digital data to the control system of which relies on intelligent algorithms able to analyze that data and take appropriate decisions through the simple parts of a second, they are able to monitor the presence of the body in front of them to apply the brakes, or cornering to the right or left in the absence of policies or the elements of the set of such decisions.

The dog is always going to be individual, i.e., that the policy is one that make these decisions, and this is based on data existing when. But laws and legislation, in addition to out of the way this kind of techniques, confirm that the individual decisions are very simple part of the picture, those cars need first, and permanently, to communicate between themselves to find out the status of agreements and of decisions taken, so that there will be a Knowledge Base and benefit all of them.

Based on the above, the dreams of the participation of a fleet of self-driving cars are going alone in the streets is still far away because the point of connection to the internet and communication between them is still yet under development. And because that information is classified, the existing models on the ground give us the idea of confirming the already after.

Companies need to above all develop a system to communicate cars among them, whether self-driving or was unusual, which do not share much in the present time. This system need to test for very long periods in order to ensure the level of protection high, adding to the speed in exchange of data because the issue lives, not just instant messages or videos.

Based on this, the technical companies if you don’t start testing the system to continue the auto among them via the internet, it means that the vision of its cars self-driving in the streets is far-fetched, here to talk about the policies of Category 5, which provide for the non-necessity of a driver behind the wheel. And technology, the fifth generation of the contact 5G comes primarily to focus on those cars to provide a quick connection with the ratio of delay are very few, which may mean that the provision of self-driving cars may be linked to provide fifth-generation networks in the country or civil, otherwise the driver will need to take over the reins.

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