In Siemens for the first time printed a car on a 3D printer

It seems that 3D printers in the future will be applied absolutely everywhere. After all, every day they find more and more wide application. For example, recently the Siemens experts together with experts of the Californian company Hacrod first printed a complete car.

The car was named La Bandita and has a rather streamlined shape of the body. It should be noted that when designing the car was used the most modern technology. Engineers have designed the body in virtual reality, and all the calculations and preliminary tests conducted artificial intelligence. As noted by the authors of the project,

“On the creation of the car worked just a group of professionals and ardent admirers of cars. Created from metal and aluminum the car is the first step to the future when anyone will be able to make the car of their dreams.”

Sports car La Bandita released in a single copy, but, as emphasized by the authors of the project, 3D printing has a lot of advantages in comparison with the standard Assembly on production lines. In particular, it is very easy to make adjustments to the shape of the machine parts and various elements of the case, because it is enough just to adjust the computer model and “send to print”. In the plans of companies Hackrod and Siemens manufacture different cars, according to the wishes and requirements of customers.

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