In “SKOLKOVO” developed the first domestic device to decode the genome

The deciphering of the genome is required not only for research and study of genetic mutations, but in so-called personalized medicine. Is a field of science focused on the prevention of pathological processes, diagnosis and treatment based on overall analysis, and on the individual characteristics of each person. To this end, in the national complex “SKOLKOVO” create the first domestic device to decode the genome of the third generation.

The developers claim that the cost of the Russian device will be 10 times lower than foreign analogues. In this transcript of the DNA of a particular person will identify predisposition to certain diseases, to create custom-tailored medication and treatment programmes and rehabilitation, taking into account features of the genetics of each person. As stated in an interview with “Izvestia” managing partner “GAMMA DNA” (the company responsible for developing) Nadezhda Matveeva,

“We expect that approximately 65% of our manufactured instruments are received at a medical institution – diagnostic and perinatal centers, dispensaries, maternity homes. In addition, the sequencers will need customs, MIA. Now these devices are quite commonly used in forensics”.

The project is for four years and its total budget will be around 500 million rubles. It is also worth noting the fact that the new genome sequencer will not be used for experiments in human genetic modification, both by law and by such manipulation is forbidden in our country. The device will be aimed solely at medical examinations, prevention and treatment of diseases.

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