In the App Store began to appear clones of original apps

A high degree of security App Store didn’t come from nowhere. It is the result of carefully calibrated actions of the moderators, reviewers, published in the catalogue, as well as strict rules which must be adhered to by all developers. But often, the authors neglect the application requirements of Apple, and you go against them, planning to gain additional benefits. For example, you are cloning apps, that is, of course, is strictly prohibited.

As reported by TechCrunch, App Store gradually began to seize the application-clones that are almost exactly duplicate the functionality of the original programs and their interface with only a different name. But it is more remarkable that the authors of the clones are the developers of the original applications.

However, this fact seemingly has not caused the slightest interest in any ordinary moderators, but their leadership, who probably prefer to close his eyes.

Application clones

At the time of the publication TechCrunch counted at least four applications that have a so-called authorized clones. They were all released by the creators of the original programs. Some of them have two or more clones (all of these apps do not work in Russia, so leave them links makes no sense):

  • TextMe – Up TextMe, FreeTone
  • Texting/Calling Phone Burner Shield Texting – Phone Number – Business Line Phone Number – Burner Phone Number SMS/Calls – Smiley Private Texting SMS
  • Phoner 2nd Phone Number Text – Text Burner – Texting Anonymous – Second Line – 2nd Phone Number
  • Dingtone – Telos

How to understand that before you app-clone

Some developers approach the issue of cloning more profoundly and changed not only the name of the app, but make some changes in its interface, so it’s harder to distinguish. Pair Dingtone – Telos is one of them. However, to understand that this is the same application by logging using the same account.

Why is it developers

Why are the developers doing all this, you ask? The answer is simple. Creating multiple clones of the same app, they can use different names, different descriptions, and tags that users are searching for most often. Depends on the coverage of the audience, which is able to provide the program, thereby increasing the total number of downloads. Does it any harm for the average consumer? No, except for the fact that the developers litter the App Store, causing others to be less than honest with us.

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