In the Apple listen to you. No, but really

Ordinary users can have more influence on the activities of Apple than is commonly believed. For example, using the letters that they write to the company management. As reported by CNBC, in Cupertino are paying great importance to such letters, carefully reading most of them. Comes to the fact that sometimes Apple employees could find inspiration for the creation of new products or updates to existing products in the content of such letters.

Often, of course, users write to Tim cook. Despite the fact that most of the letters remain unanswered, almost all of them are reviewed by the assistant Director General. Those messages that require immediate attention from the cook, come to him, and those that contain advice and recommendations are carefully examined and subsequently transferred to familiarize the team of designers, developers or engineers.

Letter To Tim Cook

Interestingly, letters from users who come to Apple even have its own name. The company called the “Dear Tim”. This name comes from the standard greeting that is used in relation to Tim cook in the vast majority of letters. Obviously, consumers write that the Director-General, because I see in him the hope that their opinion will not remain without attention. And I must say, it really is.

Guess what letter will resonate with employees of the company, however, is quite difficult. Rumor has it that the messages of the users forced Apple to reconsider the concept of the Mac Pro and start designing modular plant, which will be presented this year. It is also known that the letters help in the development of Wellness products company. For example, most of the training available at the Apple Watch appeared due to the request of users working in those or other sports.

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