In the biggest leak so far: video and photos high resolution phone Pixel 3 XL with samples of the camera

It seems that this week will be the week of Pixel 3 XL, as it witnessed the largest number of leaks, notably from the phone, after that the monitor earlier this week in the hands of one of the people in the underground city of Toronto Canada to make sure that the phone come with a screen with the huge bump in addition to having a “Chin” or the edge of the bottom of the broad kind.

Yesterday we posted about the new photos reveal the design of the phone more clearly, and today comes the diversion is the largest of its kind, which posted video of the phone confirms the presence of the wireless charging feature, Add to diversion of samples from the phone’s camera, as well as live photos of the phone.

Although the wireless charging feature is one of the things that were lost in the phones Google days ago lineup Nexus, and has neglected to Google this feature in the phones Pixel. But it seems that Google has responded to the demands of fans of this feature from the user, which is confirmed by the new video leaked.

In the short video, published by a Russian, his name is Maxim course, via Twitter and not exceeding a duration of 13 seconds, the phone shows Pixel 3 XL in white, in a manner consistent with what leaked earlier reported, the person said putting the phone on the wireless charging pad to begin charging. It shows in the video also that the phone is coming with a huge bump, the edge of the bottom of the petition, in addition to the rear camera one.

In a tweet the other Squadron course a large number of samples camera phone Pixel 3 XL, also published a set of live pictures to the other phone and its accessories and it comes with in the box.

What do you think are the design phone Pixel 3 XL after these leaks? Let me know in the comments.

Trading city in the biggest leak so far: video and photos high resolution phone Pixel 3 XL with samples of the camera was first deployed in the are.

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