In the computer Dell.. why should uninstall the application SupportAssist in?

After buying a computer Dell you have to uninstall the application SupportAssist immediately which add to the company’s manufacturer in its order update for the Windows version running on the device that the problem is most serious in the computers Dell, sometimes when shipped the new laptop that is running Windows in public with an enormous number of programs bloatware that you don’t need, often you will slow down that your computer, but you easily you can turn off those programs but it’s different in relation to the application of the previously mentioned, you should uninstall it.

This application provided for in the support page Dell pre-installed on “most devices new Dell running Windows” and regarded as “the first technology to support proactive one automatic in the industry”, but it has become a showcase for the hack since last October at least, according to the researcher of the security bill deep, it is not clear why it is correct it just now even though its presence in the devices a while ago, but it seems that it has become urgent after The enables hackers to hack into Dell machines through the application of SupportAssist.

Gravity causes the application SupportAssist

إذا كان لديك حاسوب Dell يجب عليك إلغاء تطبيق SupportAssist If you have a computer Dell you should uninstall the application SupportAssist

Due desire it to contain the application SupportAssist from Dell on access to the administrator role in Windows as it is designed to automatically install updates on your computer, and desire a way to hijack requests to update this before you start work on your device allowing theoretically for hackers to install something bad they can use it for further abuse of your computer.

Others confirm that these are security only works if the shopper is on the same local network available in your computer, such as a Wi-Fi public at your place of work or your local school, but to avoid those security problems you have to uninstall the app, or update to the SupportAssist v or newer, you can find the latest version of that app which keeps Dell through which to address those gaps or do without them entirely.

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