In the current fall of Bitcoin there is nothing wrong. And that’s why

“Nothing unusual” — as co-founder of Fundstrat Tom Lee speaks about the recent fall of Bitcoin. The price movement of the cryptocurrency seems to be quite natural, said the analyst. According to him, the rollback will lead to a new wave of growth of the BTC, which will get a good profit.

This morning, Bitcoin was trading at 10 671 USD. For the past day the price of the coin has increased by 3.93 percent. Unfortunately, most altcoins still suffers a fall, the index of dominance BTC has already exceeded 66 percent.

The dump that we deserve

Recently, Lee has published its response to all the concerns of captainvalor associated with a significant decline in the popularity of Bitcoin in Google Trends.

About the decline of search queries with Bitcoin: I guess it’s a good sign. He suggests that the rise in price of crypto-currencies was not accompanied by great hype.

Statistics Google Trends does show is not the most comforting data. In the US, the number of search queries on Bitcoin decreased by 45 percent since the establishment of the local maximum in June.

CEO Binance Chanpen Zhao believes the rise of Bitcoin credit for the average investor. In an interview with Bloomberg Zhao said, they still provide 60 percent of all trading volume on the exchange.

We have not noticed the rapid growth of interest from institutional investors. The number of organizations within the crypt of this year did not increase significantly compared to previous years.

Source: Bloomberg

Analysts at Bloomberg in turn declared that a major role in the growth of Bitcoin will play the opening of margin trading on Binance. New services from one of the largest kryptomere will have a positive impact on the market in the medium term.

So what is to worry about and reasons to dump your cryptocurrency is not. To correction not took a long time, subscribe to our cryptcat of hontarov!


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