In the flagship the new Samsung looking forward to the third important details


The flagship new product, which will be released by Samsung, can be equipped with not two, but three major parts. And we are not talking about triple the smartphone camera.

Samsung may release Exynos 9820 with three clusters of processor cores


Previously, MediaTek has ceased to use tracklisting configuration in their chipsets, but it seems that a similar technical approach is going to try Samsung. According to new rumors coming from “listera” Ice Universe, a message which refers to Ro (Ro), considering the upcoming new leader of the smartphone market on the resource page gsmarena.comin the Central processor of the upcoming chip of its own design Samsung Exynos 9820 — along with two clusters of ARM cores, will also find application two customized kernel Mongoose M4. Thanks to the ARM architecture DynamIQ, three clusters can work in any possible configuration.

It is expected that in the configuration 2+2+4 find a use three clusters of cores — 2 core Mongoose M4, 2 high-performance Cortex-A76 or Cortex-A75 and 4 energy-efficient Cortex-A55. The clock frequency is to date still unknown, but given that the Exynos 9820 will be the flagship chipset, it will probably be equipped with a Cortex-A76, clock frequency which can theoretically reach up to 3.30 GHz. However, in real application the maximum clock frequency can be lower.

In any case, the new information should be treated somewhat skeptical, since if the kernel Mongoose M4 really superior to the latest high performance ARM Cortex-A76, the reasons for the application tracklisting configuration of the Central processor of the new flagship chipset from Samsung. It is enough to use only two cluster nuclei Mongoose M4 and Cortex-A55 to save energy.

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