In the footsteps of Samsung, Huawei postponed the launch of the phone Mate X folding!

Huawei announced today the postponement of the launch of the phone Mate X rollaway from June to September for more tests to ensure the quality, where the company expressed its concern about the participation of young embarrassing, which hit the Samsung Galaxy Fold earlier.

على خطى سامسونج - هواوي تؤجل إطلاق هاتف Mate X القابل للطي!

In the footsteps of Samsung, Huawei postponed the launch of the phone Mate X folding!

In official statements made by the spokesperson to the American channel CNBC, he said that Huawei does not wish to launch a product goes to its reputation, and why was the decision to delay to ensure the non-occurrence of similar problems as was the case with the Samsung phone.

The Samsung is other has delayed the launch date of the Galaxy Fold rollaway which was planned last April, and there is no current information about the date of re-launch it.

And the Chinese company Huawei-out war with the United States government after the decision to ban it there and obliging US companies the implementation of the resolution and termination of the cooperation with Huawei. The spokesperson denied that the recent conflicts are a reason to postpone the launch.

Phone Mate X is the first foldable phone from Huawei has been announced in the MWC conference 2019 in February and is expected to be launched at the price of gal in the range of 2600 USD.

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