In the history of Microsoft Office completed an important page

Hard to find in the history of computers more popular applications than those included in the Microsoft Office Suite. Word, Excel and PowerPoint — these names are familiar to everyone long before the debut of the first iPhone and the mass adoption of smartphones. New-PC era also influenced the development of these software tools and Microsoft has done a lot in order to adapt them to the new reality. But now, we have other priorities, because over the years the market has changed very much.

Microsoft began work on her first Office for devices with touchscreen running Windows 8.1 more than five years ago. A set of applications intended for tablets and laptops with touch screens. It consisted of light, fast versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Microsoft has regularly updated them for Windows 10, but the completion of the work on Windows 10 Mobile ultimately led to the completion of the development of these Office applications, notes Tom Warren (Tom Warren) on the resource The Verge.

The development of “friendly touchscreen” Microsoft Office applications for Windows discontinued Microsoft

Apps will remain, but Microsoft will no longer develop new features. A company representative said that the priority is to develop apps for iOS, Android and Win32 and web versions. An experiment by Microsoft to create a universal Office application in the past.

Change of priorities did not become for anybody a surprise. But at the time focused on devices with touchscreen version of Office was a great example of what developers can expect, creating a universal Windows app. Now Microsoft gives developers the ability to simply pack already they have created apps for desktop and place them in the store. However, Microsoft own priorities show that traditional desktop applications will continue to be the Foundation software for PC running Windows.

Because Microsoft now uses a “touchscreen-friendly” versions of apps on devices such as HoloLens and Surface Hub 2, it becomes apparent that the company is considering expanding the development of web versions of these apps as a replacement.

And as the standards browsers are also evolving, Microsoft has the opportunity to make the web more productive. Because modern web applications are already largely not inferior to traditional software.

Microsoft has recently started to remove these apps from the store and most of the new features of Office 365 now appear in the desktop versions of applications.

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