In the human immune system has found a new body that was looking for a very long time

The human body is truly amazing. At the modern level of technology development, he manages to keep us in secret, not just individual cells or elements, but entire bodies! And recently a group of scientists from Australia found in the immune system of the body, the existence of which was suspected for a very long time.

According to the editors of the journal Nature Communication, a new body responsible for the rapid immunity, to be precise – for the storage of b-lymphocytes. Scientists have long known about the existence of the so-called In-cell memory. This long-lived subtype of b lymphocytes, which is responsible for fast immune response and the production of a large number of antibodies in reinfection or re-infection by the same pathogen. Because of this, the immune system remembers the infectious agents that can better handle them in the future.

Only here in all of this was at a time when the body is not in pain, memory cells somewhere to “live.” But where? Previously it was assumed that they are located in the lymph nodes, but it was not so. In the course of studying the structure of the lymph nodes, experts from Australia found directly over the lymph nodes are small formations that are literally stuffed with In-cells. Moreover, the new structure is not just a “warehouse” cells in it there are processes of transformation of cells in the plasma and the secretion of antibodies to fight diseases. The discovery managed to make through the use of two-phase laser microscope is the magnification and visualization allowed us to see new structure, which is called “subcapsular proliferative lesion” (subcapsular proliferative foci). According to one of participants of the project Dr. Moran Off,

“See how they work In cells just incredible! In the new structure, which was seen for the first time, In-memory cells are activated, it formed clusters. We are the first to see how they move, interact with other cells of the immune system and mutate right before our eyes!”

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