In the latest version Viber application finally gets to the Dark Mode real

I got the latest version of the messaging application “Viber” on the new update supports the Android operating system, and with it became called Dark Mode.

في أحدث إصدار له تطبيق فايبر يحصل أخيرًا على الوضع المُظلمIn the latest release Viber finally gets to the Dark Mode real

In the world of messaging, there are plenty of services that support users to send messages among them, and no one can deny the fierce competition among these services, for example, there is a messenger and WhatsApp, but there are also smaller players such as the application “Viber”, which recently received the full support of the consuming dark.

Where in this version which carries the number to Viber 10, and align the time of the dark, the app has become simpler, faster and safer, as well, got a brand new sleeker than previous sense, with reference to the time of the dark, the company says here, that this situation is real black, not as is the case with the default skin, the dark hour, in order to enable it you will need to go to the Settings app and then looking down to option Black.

It will be this situation attractive especially when you use it along with the dark mode the default in the version of Android 10, away from it, provided the update is also a feature to add someone to as many as 10 group chats with a single click.

Finally, update Viber 10 up Android users gradually, for the arrival of the not, go to his page in the Google Play Store from here.

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