In the Mac App Store appeared sets with applications

Brand app store for macOS now supports buying apps and games in the kit. This became known after the relevant statement to the company blog for developers. For a long time the opportunity was present exclusively on the mobile platform Apple, and only now this innovation has reached the desktop operating system of the American Corporation.

Collection of applications in one set will facilitate the process of buying a larger number of programs. From now on, developers can offer users up to 10 programs in one set. In addition, in the Mac App Store have the opportunity to publish free software with a subscription, renewable on an automatic basis.

According to experts, the introduction of collections of apps will play into the hands of both users and developers. Known to purchase apps in kit is always more profitable than alone. So publishers can get more profit, and users will get a decent discount at purchase.

It is worth noting that the emergence of sets of applications it was only a matter of time after Apple unveiled a global redesign for the Mac App Store. Despite the fact that updating the app store by far benefited the Mac App Store is still inferior to the capabilities of the corporate directory iOS application. Recall that the ability to buy apps and games in the kit appeared in the App Store in iOS 8.

However, despite this innovation, most developers now prefer the model of syndication. Of course, many users would prefer to pay only once, but publishers most often is unprofitable. Quite probably, what exactly therefore in the Mac App Store there is a large number of applications that had not received updates for a long time.

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