In the network appeared the new image of the Galaxy S20. Not without drawbacks

Twitter Lexter from India, Iskhan Agarwal has published the official rendre Galaxy S20. It is difficult to say where he got them. Maybe at a local Indian or Chinese social network Weibo, but it’s not as important as the presence of renderers. Now we know all about how will look the new Samsung. And, in truth, it’s not so bad, but there are questions.

How good is the new S20?

You should start with what I liked. Galaxy S20 Ultra, in my opinion, it looks great due to the massive camera module. It gives the device cost. The camera, unlike the iPhone 11 Pro, are arranged neatly and in line. Especially pleased with the presence of 10x optical and 100x digital zoom. This has been achieved through the periscope camera, developed by CorePhotonics. Previously, such camera in their devices from the same manufacturer used by the company Oppo. One such device was Oppo Reno, so for many this camera will not be opening, of course, if you consider that they will generally be aware of any brand like Oppo.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

My colleagues commented negatively to the new image S20 Ultra, considering the device’s camera too ridiculous and massive.

The truth is, I can’t imagine how it was possible to make so bad. This is a really bad design. Even ridiculous iPhone 11 Pro looks, in my opinion, much more interesting. All of these massive camera — something that should not be in smartphones. I don’t understand why they do it. It’s a phone, not a camera.

Renat Grishin, editor-in-chief

Your opinion about the new Galaxy was expressed by the head of the i10, Mikhail Korolyov:

My colleague Renat said that the new iPhone apparently is not OK. And I agree with him. The same mistake is trying to attack now Samsung. I started with a small bezel, which the people were called “Islands”, and now it’s all turning into continents. Don’t get me wrong, smartphones are supposed to look neat and aesthetically pleasing.

Not left side and a content author Ivan Kuznetsov, who came into a local dispute in our working chat:

I don’t like S20 Ultra. Anyway the entire line. We’re discussing the new iPhone, they are also strange. The trend on the massive camera seems to me superfluous, there is a lot you can change in smartphones, but why so spoil the camera?

I, on the contrary, it seems that the only thing to like about the new flagship. Besides, the 100x approach is cool. I wonder what our readers think about this.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Okay, go ahead. If Ultra can I argue with colleagues, then S20 and S20 Plus it’s not so easy. The impression is that they intentionally made the camera bezel is less attractive, not to put them on a par with S20 Ultra. In life all three phones will look better due to the fact that I will get the glass case. Renders also done poorly, so the glass effect is not observed.

However, I think even in this case, S20, and S20 Plus will look as cheap as new smartphones Galaxy A: Galaxy A51 and A71. At least if I said it devices budget line, I would have believed.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Now a little about the prices. The company will probably sell it as 5G version devices, and conventional 4G options. According to rumors, the cost of Galaxy S20 4G will start from 900 euros (about 62 thousand), but the 5G version will be priced at 1,000 euros (68 thousand). Galaxy S20 Plus will sell in Europe for $ 1,000, 5G version will cost $ 1100. But for Galaxy S20 Ulta will ask for $ 1,350. Version Ulta with 512 gigabytes of internal memory will cost 1550 euros (106 thousand).

Galaxy S10e at the start of sales in Russia was estimated at 56990 rubles, and in Europe it cost 779€. The phone has become more expensive at 120 Euro, which is not so little. Version Galaxy Plus S10 with 512 GB of internal memory last year was estimated at 1299 Euro. This year that her Ultra will cost 1550. The difference is 250 euros. Not entirely clear what has caused the rise in prices, given that externally, the smartphone looks almost identical.

What happens to flagships?

Every year, manufacturers increase the bar for flagship smartphones, with the aim to be the best and to offer the market the best and cool. But such a race led to the fact that consumers simply have no such money to afford the cheapest flagship for 900 euros. Even if you consider that each year, inflation in the world market is 1-2%, this should not lead to such appreciation. Can’t the global economy to weaken to such an extent that Samsung raised the cost of the basic S20 120 euros.

Maybe the company did this to ensure that they do not compete with Lite-versions of the flagships. But in this case it is unclear who will buy the flagship if their prices no they will not be able to afford.

Besides, it is expected that folding Flip Galaxy Z, which sales will start in early February, will cost about $ 850, making it a more attractive option amid the cheapest S20. Samsung shoots itself in the foot, strange as it may sound.

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It is interesting to know the opinion of readers. How do you feel about the new products from Samsung? Leave your comments under this entry and don’t forget about our Telegram.

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