In the network appeared the photo taken by Nokia 9

Over the past few years mobile photography has evolved simply by leaps and bounds and leaders in this area now are Google, Apple and Huawei. They have made significant progress, and not so much with optics, as with the help of well-adjusted post-processing can make images as close in quality to professional cameras.

The amount of detail the photo taken on modern smartphones, as well as color and properly structured white balance sometimes staggering. Just recently the head of the division for social networks Nokia Edoardo Cassina (Edoardo Cassina) in anticipation of MWC 2019 published in Instagram photo taken by a professional Finnish photographer Konsta Punkka (Konsta Punkka) 9 on Nokia. On his page on Instagram, the photographer also published this picture to demonstrate to your subscribers that is capable of 5 cameras in the new flagship of the Finnish company.

Despite the fact that the social network for photographers, as it is known, compresses all uploaded pictures, some interesting details on the posted picture to see. In the picture taken shows that the smartphone could very well build white balance and detail to convey the details and the shadows of the mountain peaks while the rays of the setting sun shone directly into the camera lens.

In the description of the publication States that the photo was processed on the smartphone, but sorry, not said, with what application produced the treatment. With such a large number of Nokia cameras 9 should be able to extract and process large amounts of information, perhaps even shoot in RAW format. If this indeed be so, and in the picture above can be seen that the new product from Nokia will be very good in situation shooting with high dynamic range.

The announcement of Nokia 9 with its 5 chambers to be held at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona this Sunday.

What do you think about this teaser photo capabilities of its flagship from Nokia? Whether Nokia 9 is indeed so good at mobile photography?

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