In the new study, Google Assistant puts on the shoulder of competitors in the face of Siri and Alexa

Virtual assistants Google, Amazon and Apple, working on the basis of artificial intelligence, can be incredibly useful tools for both home control and music while riding, and when ordering food or need to get some useful information. All this really helps to make our digital life easier. But when it comes to saving human lives, it turns out that the above three technological giants still have work to do.

The first step to a (distant) future in which these voice assistants can provide valuable support in situations related to health, is the understanding that comes from the mouth of the user. Unfortunately, Siri, and Alexa has a hard time to recognize the common names of the medicines what is evidenced by a new study by Klick Health, Digital published in Nature Medicine.

Google now surpassed Siri and Alexa almost twice

This study was awarded to AI Apple’s overall score is exactly 58.5% for brands branded drugs and 51.2% in terms of a proper identification of generics. Although this is, in fact, means that Siri was right in most cases, these two indicators hardly impressive, especially when you remember that assistant for 8 years, so it’s time already to learn to quickly scan your network for answers to all user questions.

The same goes for the Alexa from Amazon, which scored even lower accuracy rate of 54.6 and 45.5% for recognition of brand drugs and generics, respectively. Actually, it’s amazing, but Google Assistant is completely has destroyed its competitors, correctly identifying names generics at 84.3% of cases, and the accuracy rate for branded drugs amounted to about 91.8%. Yes, it’s still not perfect (and here we are, for a moment, talking about human health), but this is another area in which digital assistant search giant, released in 2016, giving the heat their counterparts.

Previously, Google already was showing your high IQ in other studies

However, this should not be surprising, as Google was ahead of Apple and Amazon before, when we conducted comparative studies to assess the overall “IQ” of these helpers, based on the issues from completely different fields. Last year, Google Assistant was also recognized as a leader in understanding different accents, which is also reflected in new research, about which we wrote above.

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