In the Philippines, discovered the remains of a new species of ancient human

In 2007, inside a Philippine cave of Callao were found metatarsal bone of an ancient man, but then the scientists could not say exactly what kind of people he treated. It turned out that this type of man was not yet known to science — recently at the same ground level researchers have found more bones that combine features of both modern and ancient Australopithecus. The new species was named Homo luzonensis, in honor of the island of Luzon, on which the discovery was made.

Пещера Кальяо

The researchers were able to dig up 12 bones, which belonged to two adult individuals and one child. Among the remains were two phalanges of the fingers and toes, femur, and seven molars. Scientists were surprised by what we found people had very small teeth, which suggests that they had little growth. Perhaps sizes of these people like “human hobbits”, Homo floresiensis, discovered in an Indonesian cave in 2003. The form of the teeth was almost the same as in modern humans, but the phalanges like those of Australopithecines.

Фаланга пальца Homo luzonensis

It is believed that a previously unknown human species lived on the island of Luzon, about 50 thousand years ago. Around the same time on the Indonesian island of Flores lived those “people-the hobbits”, which have common features with the newly. There is an assumption that they at some time moved to another place, and eventually acquired its own characteristics, but common traits such as low growth are still preserved. Scientists intend to further study the remains to determine the closest relatives of previously unknown people.

Коренные зубы Homo luzonensis

About life of ancient people is becoming known more and more. For example, recently, scientists have discovered that climate change could make the Neanderthals cannibals. About the terrible events that were happening in the cave Mule-Guercy in the South-East of France, you can read in our material.

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