In the “Singles Day”.. Alibaba China achieves record superior to the Amazon and the American

Achieved Alibaba website Alibaba for e-sales of $ 30.8 million in one day, achieving a new record in the history of the site, thanks to its sales in celebration of “Singles Day” single’s Day, which is celebrated by the Chinese on November 11 of each year.

Freedom Alibaba website to provide great discounts during the celebration, ranging from electronic products to travel deals, tourist trips, which is about “Singles Day” of the occasion to ridicule from the singles Festival Shopping big.

And rights sales figures “Ali Baba” in “Singles Day” this year on last year’s sales, where the web site has achieved an increase of 27%, achieved sales of single’s day in 2017 of approximately $ 25.3 million.

And rights sales figures “Ali Baba,” Chinese for what you have done Amazon stores Amazon American on the day of the big sales Amazon’s Prime Day, in July last, where he has made Amazon 4 million (at the maximum expectations where not revealed Amazon about the sales numbers that day), it also excels on the sales of Black Friday (Black Friday), who achieved during his 4,500 website for retail sale in the United States of America, 14 million dollars over 4 days.

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