In the U.S. there was a competition for high-speed launch satellites

Representatives of humanity like to compete with each other in speed. But the usual race horses, bikes, cars and even helicopters and planes may soon be added competition for the fastest launch of the satellite cargo into orbit. At least the Agency advanced research projects Agency of the U.S. Department of defense (DARPA) promises to pay for the successful and rapid start-up prize of 10 million US dollars.

In accordance with the conditions, until 15 October, 2018 everyone will have to apply for and obtain the approval of the Federal aviation administration of the United States. After the company will qualify, she will pay lump sum grant in the amount of 400 thousand dollars. With this money, the participants will have to implement the project. In the framework of the contest the company will also receive information about the payload, which will need to lift into orbit, most of the target orbit, the launch site and launch time. The training will last until next year, and “fast starts” will take place in late 2019.

But the contest will not end. In the case of the first successful launch of the second round of testing will receive a grant in the amount of $ 2 million, and then will have to make another start. If he succeeds company to receive the coveted prize of 10 million US dollars. Representatives of DARPA believe that this contest will give me the opportunity to compete as a young start-up companies and giants like SpaceX.

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