In the UK want to build the world’s first thermonuclear power plant

The possibility of creating fusion power plants, scientists and engineers from around the world discussing for quite some time. And the possibility of building such a facility is not simply excluded, but strongly supported. The only question is — who will be the first in this “nuclear race”. It’s possible that will succeed in this, scientists from England, because they plan to build the world’s first fusion power plant in the next couple of decades.

Will it have scientists to create a fusion setup?

That is capable of fusion reactor

The British government not long ago announced that it will invest 220 million pounds in designing a fusion power plant, namely to create a spherical tokamak. The tokamak (or toroidal chamber with magnetic coils) is a facility for magnetic plasma confinement to achieve conditions necessary for the occurrence of controlled thermonuclear fusion. To finish the project is scheduled for “no later than 20 years.”

However, what is so attractive fusion energy? First, the huge economic benefits that it can bring. Potentially fusion reactors can generate a lot of energy at minimum cost “raw materials”. Of course, yet no experimental nuclear fusion plant could not produce more energy than it consumes, but a few countries and private companies are investing heavily in this technology. For example, the international experiment ITER, under which in the South of France built a nuclear fusion reactor. The project is expected to be completed in 2035. At the same time, the operation must enter the Chinese thermonuclear test reactor. USA are also in the process of building what they call “the most advanced fusion reactor”, to be launched in 2028.

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However, it is quite possible that experts from the UK will be the first to start the fusion reactor. The prototype is already operational and is reportedly “working properly”, although he has yet to demonstrate the true potential of fusion energy. As the French and American versions, the British proposed nuclear fusion plant will have already mentioned the tokamak reactor which uses magnetic fields to contain and compress ionized gas (or plasma) of deuterium and tritium under conditions of ultrahigh temperatures.

We still don’t know whether fusion energy can work as planned. says Andrea Leeds, the Secretary of state for energy and industrial development. However, this ambitious investment in energy technologies of the future. Nuclear fusion has the potential to become a source of virtually unlimited and cheap energy. And we want to the first commercially successful unit was established in the UK.

Tokamak. This, of course, not a British plant, but look all tokamaks is about the same.

The proposed reactor in the UK will be imeto about 10 meters in diameter, making it one of the most “compact” projects of this type. It is aimed at saving production costs. However, the containment temperature in less space brings with it more technical challenges. Recreating the conditions for fusion in such a confined space is an extremely difficult task. What do you think about fusion energy? Tell us about it in our chat in Telegram.

Will be at least several decades before it becomes clear how fusion energy can be useful for mankind. In any case, even “fusion race” began, scientists working on such projects regularly exchange knowledge and experience, so sooner or later they will succeed. There is almost no doubt.

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