In the United States began to produce the most comfortable shoes. What is its peculiarity?

How much would you not tried, you will never find a person with a perfectly symmetrical body. Look at yourself in the mirror and you will notice that one of your eyes smaller than the other, and the corner of his mouth slightly raised. You may not notice, but your foot will likely also more than the other — in this case, at least, I am sure the American Shoe manufacturer Atoms. In this regard, he began to produce special shoes with different size for each foot, and we are not talking about the standard 38, 39 and 40 sizes, and more accurate step in a quarter of the size. Sounds interesting, because many companies produce only “half” sizes, and then not always.

Atoms is positioning their shoes as the most comfortable in the world

The idea of creating the most convenient, from the point of view of the company, of shoes, came after the study. Experts of the company found that 70% of people the difference between the two feet is almost a quarter. They logically assumed that wearing shoes with accurate dimensions, people will be able faster and longer to walk and not get tired. But the company appeared opponents, who began to say that she makes money out of nowhere. But is it really?

The most comfortable shoes for every day

Atoms the company intends to release only one model of running shoes per year at a price of $ 179. As a bonus, the manufacturer wants to include the package special socks. Even with the limit, again according to the company, the convenience of this Shoe, the price seems too high. Critics claim that the Shoe manufacturer Vans also produces shoes with the exact size, and at a lower price. However, they do not consider that Vans and other companies do not provide as accurate a size as Atoms.

Atoms will produce only one model of shoes a year

Besides, critics drew attention to the fact that outside shoes the Atom is no different from ordinary sneakers that are sold on your city market. There is no logo, but it’s done on purpose — the company believes that people should not be “Billboard” hung on him by the logos of different brands. But some people, apparently, like logos, so they claim that with the same success the company can triple the price to sell plain white t-shirt, assuring their high-tech, and comfort.

Did you know that astronauts have made a great contribution to the creation of sneakers?

How to choose shoes size?

Despite the utmost criticism, shoes Atoms already gained popularity, and in fact it has not even entered the official sale. The company has already won 8.1 million investment and intends to use the money for sales. Pre-order “the most comfortable running shoes” has already issued 40 000 people. And you are willing to pay them $ 179? The current rate is almost 12 000. Let’s discuss it in our Telegram chat.

But how to explain the popularity of the Shoe Atoms? If desired, the shoes with individual size, can be ordered from third-party companies engaged in the tailoring. However, the individual work of the master is clearly going to cost more than $ 170. So, we can assume that the amount of the maximum comfortable shoes are quite reasonable.

How to choose the right shoes?

At the moment, running shoes Atoms are not sold via the Internet, so many might question how the right Shoe size online? Perhaps someone would measure the length and width of your foot with a ruler, but no. If you believe foreign sources, while buying shoes of a certain size, the company sends another pair of sneakers with a slightly different length and width of the sole. Examples of each of the sneakers with the courier, the buyer can choose the ideal for a couple, and everything else to send back.

Sounds very convenient, so that the company gained more than $ 8 million investment, is not surprising. Some of the investors are themselves customers of the company Atoms. For example, one of the investors is the co-founder of the website Reddit, Alex Ohanian, and here is what he says about the company’s products:

Atoms in the shoes I like the fact that she’s not just looks, but feels different. They are much more comfortable than any other sneakers I’ve tried, and they quickly became my ideal.

Minus shoes Atomics can be considered, except that the fabric, which quickly collects dirt and dust. However, people who were able to get sneakers, say that they can throw in the washing machine, they will be like new.

To be honest, at the moment there are more interesting sneakers that do not mind the money. Take, for example, Nike, Adapt BB that sync with your smartphone and yourself tie your Shoe laces. They cost about $ 360 and they need to be recharged, but they look extremely stylish. Yes what there to speak — look at these shoes and decide for yourself what are you willing to give money.

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