In the United States presented the first electric pickup. And it’s not Tesla

Michigan startup Rivian Automotive, founded by a native of Massachusetts Institute of technology Robert Joseph Stringem in 2009, presented at the motor show in Los Angeles the first electric pickup R1T. The car received four-wheel drive, four motor, one for each wheel, giving him up to 764 horsepower, and can reach a maximum speed of 201 kilometers per hour. Novelty can accelerate to “hundreds” in just 3 seconds.

Cruising range electric pickup truck varies from 370 to 640 kilometers. Everything will depend on the chosen configuration. In the sale will be offered options with a battery of 105, 135 and 180 kilowatt-hours. For example, the same sedan Tesla Model 3 in the maximum configuration capable of one battery to travel about 500 kilometers.

The developers call the 5.5-meter R1T “electric car for adventures”. And to confirm this status, it has everything you need.

For example, the ground clearance of the electric truck is 360 mm, the fording depth is one meter. The angles of entry and exit accounted for 34 and 30 degrees, respectively, the ramp angle — 26 degrees. To protect the batteries located underneath the car, the latter reinforced by CFRP and Kevlar. In addition, R1T is equipped with adaptive air suspension, digital instrument panel and infotainment system with touchscreen.

A unique design feature of the pick-up Rivian is a pass-through Luggage compartment has a volume of 350 liters. It is located between the cab and cargo platform. An additional trunk is located where normally is located the engine under the hood. His modest little volume – 330 litres. R1T load capacity is 800 pounds. In addition, the pickup can tow a trailer weighing up to 3500 pounds.

Production R1T will be on the former Mitsubishi Motors plant in Normal, Illinois. Rivian last year bought it for $ 16 million. The capacity of the production line is about 350 000 cars a year, but plans Rivian more modest. The company intends to 2025-2026 year to start production of 50-60 thousand cars a year.

In the mass production of Rivian R1T will arrive in 2020. The basic version of the electric truck will cost 61 $ 500.

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