In the USA ended with the ceremony of awarding the IG Nobel prize


At Harvard’s Sanders theatre ended 28th annual ceremony of awarding the winners of the IG Nobel prize – a parody of the event at the prestigious Nobel prize. “Nobelevku” was established in 1991 and since then is annually awarded to scientists from different countries for the most unusual and silly research. However, some of them make you first laugh and then think seriously.

This year in the field of “Economics” prize was awarded to canadian scholars who have studied the question of injustice which the people face at work, as well as methods to combat it. In their work, under the title “Right to wrong” under the supervision of Professor Lindy Han Yu Liang, a group of scientists has proved the positive emotional effect, accrue from the torture of voodoo doll boss. According to the researchers who conducted the experiments, workers, torture and protekauschie dolls with pins, have received tremendous satisfaction and quickly come to a feeling sense of justice.

“Compared with those who did not torture the doll resembling the boss of those who did, felt a greater sense of justice”, — commented on the results of the research team scientist Douglas brown.

In the field of “Medicine” this year, the award went to researchers from Michigan, which determined an effective way is much faster (70%) bring the stones from the kidneys. Prescription? Often ride a roller coaster.

Scientists from Tanzania, Zimbave and the UK in turn received recognition in the exploration of healthy eating. In April, the journal Scientific Reports has published their findings that the cannibalistic diet in comparison with the conventional has less nutritional value and can not fully satisfy man. Head of research James Cole noted that the research group has calculated the number of calories consumed by the cannibals of the Paleolithic period, and then compared the results with the amount of calories consumed by modern man in the usual meat and alternative diets.

“You will get more calories from horses than from people”, — said during the ceremony, Cole.

In the category of “Medical education”, the jury acknowledged the work of Akira Horiuchi, developed a method of samogorodskaia in a sitting position.

Award in the category “Reproductive medicine” went to scientists who used stamps to determine the nocturnal erections and found out that this method is much more effective now common plethysmography.

Award in biology was awarded to the Swedish scientist. They proved that professional tasters taste can identify the wine, which was visited by the fly.

The IG Nobel prize for literature, the organizers gave the researchers from the UK, Australia and El Salvador for their work, “Life’s too short for “read the fucking instructions”. Scientists in their report proved that people are enjoying at home or work any complicated technological devices are usually almost never read the available instructions to them, in the end, not using in some cases half of their functions. In addition, the researchers found that women read the instructions significantly more often than men, and people under the age of 25 years do not pay attention to them.

A group of Spanish scientists led by Francisco Alonso received the award “For the world”. The researchers analyzed the cries and curses from the drivers. Scientists have found out why people swear more often when driving. The researchers note that in the framework of their survey, only 2 percent of respondents admitted that swear driving constantly. However, about a quarter of motorists said they are doing this from time to time.

Other recipients apply IG Nobel was a Swedish philosopher who conducted the study at the local zoo. Scientists have found that chimpanzees imitate the behavior of people the same as people imitate the actions of chimpanzees.

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