In the year twenty-fifth, Jeff Bezos predicts the fall of Amazon during the five years

The Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) founded Amazon in July 1994 since then, Amazon is continuing to grow to become one of the most valuable company in the world Our which is made Jeff Bezos the richest man in modern history.

It only -used – it seems that Bezos sure that the fate of the Amazon is dying and soon, as a giant online shopping has talked about this three times in the past six years. Strange is the fact that the executive director of one of the richest and most powerful companies in the world the most attractive for investors pessimistic like that. The following are the statements of Bezos in previous years:

2013: Bezos says that the big companies only live for a few decades

Here was Bezos speaks with CBS for a whole hour and talk about the service delivery of automatic purchases by aircraft الـDrone has stated: “the life span of companies is inherently short, and Amazon will stop working one day.”

When asked Bezos then asked if he was worried about this plant said: “I’m not worried about this, because it’s inevitable. Companies come and go and for the people of the illustrious and successful -such as man – they are just used for a long time up for a few decades and then go the other.” Also added Bezos that he wishes to come to the end of the Amazon after his death and not before.

2017: Bezos talking about it in a letter to shareholders

Challenge Bezos for Palestine “the first day (Day One)” in an address to shareholders in the year 2017, and within this discourse the Bezos responded to a question that always receives is: “how, then, it seems the third day”is?

Bezos said: “the second day is a recession followed by a rather rational, which followed a decrease and loss of pain and then death comes, and this is the reason that “first day” is what should be the reality of the Amazon always.”

Successful companies can avoid the “second day” for long periods of up to decades to complete, but unfortunately, the end is inevitable, so complete the Bezos his words then, and then go on to talk about how Amazon is to avoid the third day, that, as he put it.

2018: Jeff Bezos tells employees that he expected the end of Amazon soon

Said Bezos: “Amazon is not too big to fall, but in fact, I expect that Amazon will fall down already”. That’s what he said Bezos to one of his staff when asked about the bankruptcy of large companies such as the company Sears. Also then added: “Amazon also will go bankrupt, if I take a look at the huge companies you’ll find that life is 30 years or more a little, not a hundred years.”

Also then, Bezos said that his mission in the Amazon is the delay this fall as much as possible, and now Amazon in its fifth year twenty, so it is expected according to the theory of Bezos to drop by the police in the five years following! What do you think about this? We shared right now in the comments..

Source: Business Insider

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