In the YouTube app for Android, new gestures

The YouTube app for Android is constantly updated. Yesterday it got a dark theme, and now it is extremely convenient new gestures that will undoubtedly appeal to everyone.

Currently, the new gestures are not available to all users, the feature is still under testing.

The current version of YouTube

The updated version

Now to play the next or previous video do not have to click on the video itself, and then on the arrow, it is enough to swapnote on the screen to the right or to the left. Along with the new gesture Google has speeded up loading new videos. Now, the process of loading the next video review is extremely fast.

Besides, they managed twice to reduce the interaction with the application, because the swipe is only one action, whereas at the moment for switching of the video is necessary to make two actions.

It is reported that a function is tested for iOS.

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According to the materials 9to5google

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