In their self-driving vans Ford will be “walking robots” Agility Robotics

Ford has announced that it has entered into a partnership with a manufacturer of robots Robotics Agility — look at them here and want them to equip its fleet of self-propelled delivery vans. Together they will work to ensure that transport was able to carry out the last stage of delivery: from the car to the front. Since then, in 2017, Ford has acquired startup Argo AI, working on government vehicles, the company develops vans with a full range of services that could be licensed to such companies as Domino’s Pizza, Lyft and Target.

Why Ford walking robot?

“Because self-driving cars in theory can move people and goods at the same time, they have great potential to make the delivery more convenient and efficient. Service delivery could be combined with delivery, throwing parcels between the passengers. And as shown by our pilot program, people do not always convenient to leave home to pick up packages as companies start their own service delivery. If we can free up people so they think less about the logistics of delivery, they will be able to focus their time and energy on things that really deserve their attention,” says Ken Washington, Vice President research and advanced development, CTO of Ford.

With all this in mind, Ford is working to integrate the two-legged robot Agility Digit from Robotics to future vans. Digit can lift packages weighing up to 20 pounds, climb and descend stairs, move over rough terrain. He may even keep his balance after the collision and fold up for easy storage in the rear of the car.

“We work with robots side by side at our numerous factories around the world or live with them until they deliver packages to our door, our main goal is to ensure their safety, reliability and the ability to work with people in a reasonable manner,” added Washington.

Well, cyberpunk has arrived. Love, cars and robots. I propose to discuss this in our chat in Telegram.

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