In this video turns Samsung folding Galaxy Fold as he wants

Last week, in anticipation of MWC 2019 during the event, Samsung Unpacked, the company revealed its first foldable smartphone. Then, and now, many wonder why this foldable device is necessary and what is better than the current smartphones in the form factor monoblock. Apparently, Samsung has decided to answer that question with the release of the movie in which we show the novelty from all sides and under different usage scenarios.

In this video a business man turns Galaxy Fold in his hands, showing it from different sides, playing the game, arranges a video call with friends, taking pictures of themselves and the room, and does some stuff. All this action, apparently, intended to explain to us why we have to pay 150 thousand rubles for the dubious purpose folding smartphone with a dent in the middle of the flexible display.

Personally, I Samsung to change my opinion, not forced. I still believe that the Galaxy Fold beautiful device with a strange purpose for users and the dubious advantages against the background of the Galaxy S10. Why foldable smartphones need industry, of course, but why do they need users in this raw form remains a mystery.

And you Samsung convinced this roller to part with 150,000 rubles?

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