In Ukraine earned the Google Shopping Ads

Now an offer to purchase products will be displayed directly in Google search.

Google Shopping Ads is an advertising service that allows you to track your purchases, compare different products, their features and prices and then contact the sellers and make purchases. The Merchant Center is a tool with which you can load data about the store and products on Google and make them available for product listings and other Google services.

“The launch of Google Shopping in every country requires huge resources, as the Google team need to make settings for a specific language and to ensure close monitoring in the period of beta testing to ensure maximum user satisfaction and efficiency for advertisers… Today, any advertiser can enjoy all the benefits of your product listings, creating a Google Merchant Center account,” reads the blog of the company.

According to Google, when users see and product and text ads, 90% have visited the website, 83% make a purchase, 77% have visited the product page, 73% add product to cart, 75% are looking for brand.


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