In Ukraine launched Autogram – messenger for drivers and pedestrians

Autogram Ukrainian startup has developed an eponymous app, which allows you to easily write to any owner of a vehicle that is registered in this system. For this you need to know just the number of his car.

The idea of creating such a messenger came from the founders of the project based on their personal experience. Peter Shpagin, one of the developers of the iOS version of the app, says:

“The spring went down the street, saw a car with a broken rear window and the apparent traces of theft of things from inside the car. The police were called, it took a long time to find a phone number to contact the owner of the car. At this point, and came up with the idea to make a handy app for this kind of cases”

Familiar to many situation described and co-founder of the project Sergey Gridin:

“We have the LCD in winter the eternal problem with the snow and Parking spaces. Come in the evening and be just anywhere. And you have to Park someone and leave a leaf with a phone number. So at 4 am, woke you up and asked to vacate the place. How it would be easier to contact the neighbor on the LCD and just agree whose car later to leave, to resolve these issues in advance”

For these and similar situations and developed an application Autogram. It can be used to solve a variety of situations: the vehicle interferes with the travel, accident, theft of property from the cabin window is open, the animal in the car on a hot day, light in the cabin, the evacuation of the car and many other emergency issues.

To register with Autogram, you must enter the phone number and the vehicle’s license plate. The phone number is used only for registration and emergency messages, other users cannot see the phone numbers of users. All data and correspondence is stored in encrypted form on servers provided by Google.

In the event of incorrect use of the messenger (messages with threats, insults) unruly users can be added to the blacklist.

Useful feature of the application is worth noting the possibility of an emergency a message template, which will come in the form of a regular SMS message. This option will slightly increase the chance to notify the owner of the car, if he missed a notification from the app, or temporarily without mobile Internet.

Autogram now the app is in beta and only available for the iOS platform. But the developers promise a lot of useful features in the future, including signing up through Facebook, add avtonomerov and Android version. The owners of iOS devices can download messenger from the App Store.


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