In Yekaterinburg, a criminal gang staged a mass brawl because of cryptomancer

Cryptocurrency is dangerous. Coin holders are often victims of swindlers and criminals, and they sometimes even have to protect his life. For example, when the digital money trying to sell in person. In Yekaterinburg because of cryptocurrency was a mass brawl, which was attended by 45 members of three criminal gangs. During the meetings they were trying to decide who will be fronting the local cryptomancer.

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The fight occurred near the hotel “Caesar”. The participants were members of three criminal gangs: “Naumovski” (criminal authority Oleg Naumov), “inundation” (the authority of Valery Yakovlev) and natives of Dagestan. The latter is associated with a certain prestige and entrepreneur Fight by Chumakovym.

In the result, the police managed to detain only 11 people — the rest were able to escape.

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It is known that so far the cryptocurrency banker, whose name was not disclosed, roofing “Naumovski” and “inundation” of the group. Psprite this status tried members of the group Makhach Kumakova. Of the victims in the collision is not reported, but the fight was found melee weapons and traces of blood, writes “Kommersant”.

Even more tragic story unfolded at the end of September in Kemerovo — there’s a man who introduced himself as purchaser of equipment for mining, during a meeting with the seller stabbed him. However, in the course of the fight the attacker himself died from stab wounds. The owner of the equipment for mining opened a criminal case under article murder.

A similar story occurred in late August — when a group of five people came to the meeting with the seller of the equipment for mining and took him away without payment. Apparently, now the head of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation there is another reason to dislike cryptocurrencies. Today she spoke about the gradual decline of the hype surrounding the coins.


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