Included with the iPhone 12 will be no headphones, no charger?

Many modern smartphones are equipped with only cable and charger. In the box to put some headphones on, sometimes you can find and covers. In the new iPhone 12 in the kit there will be nothing but cable — is this possible?

While this is only a rumor, but sounded very authoritative sources: Barclays analysts, as well as famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo). They argue that the range of iPhone 12 will be supplied without charger and headphone included. By the way, Apple earphones put always, since the very first iPhone.

Is it possible? If we are talking about headphones, there more than. First, Apple is actively promoting AirPods, which are sold in huge circulations, and the lack of included headphones with the new iPhone will encourage users to buy AirPods. Second, sooner or later, the smartphone market will come to the absence of connectors and charging including, but Apple, as you know, sometimes long before the market realizes a certain concept. That is, in the absence of complete headphone I easily believe it.

From charging more difficult. On the one hand, some hard to imagine situation, when you buy a new smartphone, but in the kit there is no block to this is the smartphone to charge. However, there is another side of the question, and it is more extensive.

The first point — the economy. Absence and memory, and headphones will allow Apple to save money and at least keep prices at the same level. And this despite the fact that the production costs of the new generation iPhone will increase obviously in connection with the introduction of support 5G. Moreover, in a network of a huge number of rumors that the youngest iPhone 12 will be almost $ 550 sell.

The second point is the environment. In fact, a few years ago Xiaomi said that can stop replenishing their smartphones chargers and the EU were even some bills on this account. The fact that the world is annually sold about 2 billion mobile phones, and this means that in the hands of the people, nearly 2 billion battery chargers. As a result, many simply throw a new or old memory, because the spare is not needed. Apple, as one of the market leaders, making this process a significant contribution. And if you remember that its smartphones for many years equipped with the same memory at 5 watts, the refusal to complete the memory becomes more and more logical. Besides, Apple will once again be advertized on the fact that the world has made such a move, contributing to environmental improvement.

Yes, for some users this kit of the new smartphone will result in additional costs for charging, but after a year when you purchase a new iPhone new exercises to buy do not have to be.

By the way, the Network has got photo of the new Apple battery charger 20 watts, and here it will be sold separately and come bundled with the tablets.

As you consider whether to abandon complete chargers?

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