Incognito doesn’t hide your activities on websites

Companies use the service browser companies advertising a lot of tricks to track you across the web. This includes things like cookies, and the site and the device, fingerprints, and even sharing buttons that make it easy for Facebook and Google to see what you do on the internet, even on sites that are not affiliated with them.

Of course, users of the websites today are not blind about this tracking, and most people who study this stuff a number of steps that they believe will tell their online activities from companies.

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One of the most common methods that people believe it can help in hiding their activities is to use “incognito” in the browser, and this situation leads to open a browsing window where the safe is blocked cookies and turn off your browsing history temporarily.

Although assumed by most people, however, Incognito is designed mainly to hide the raised your activity on the internet that were left on the computer, not on the web. As soon as you can put the browser hidden, it doesn’t mean that the phone company or sites such as Google and Facebook, they can’t track your activities, but others who use your device, they can’t just.

So, what are you supposed to do the person informed of privacy?

Browser compartmentalization is a method of privacy is gaining attention recently. The idea of this method is that users who use the browser for two or even three browsers on the same computer, they don’t need to switch between browsers randomly, but the browser is split on the basis of use.

So, you’re using the Mozilla virus photo, for example, the use of all web sites and services that you need to log in to it, including social media sites and banks and shopping sites, etc.

While the second browser to be Google Chrome, will use it for all web searches and random. On this browser, not logged in to any website ever, so that will not know about yourself to any party via this browser, and it will be just for daily.

By dividing the activity of your site between the browser, you’ll get the maximum privacy possible and not to disclose your identity interests without sacrificing comfort or ease of use of the web sites that you need to log in to it, and will make it extremely difficult for companies to identify you and track your activities.

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