Incognito mode in Google Chrome prohibits screen shots

Is Google Chrome Chrome browser key to the various organs and systems, depending on the to own more than a million users.

Earlier this month asking the Google version 65 of the Chrome browser on the Android platform, which brought with them a number a bit of custom changes to the user such as preferences, new languages and the ability to read the article in the lightbox, in addition to the features of the new security features and developer.

It seems that the browser got also another feature is the prohibition of screen shots in incognito mode, as no longer show a tab in the pages section that have been visited recently, so that is no longer allowed starting from version 65 and later take snapshots of the screen at the system level when using incognito mode.

And when you try to take a screen shot through the tests of the custom buttons to do this in the Android system notification will appear, stating that he could not capture a screen shot, so even for the homepage users specialized, recalling the notice to “capture the screen shots are not allowed by the app or your organization”.

As it appears this development is also reflected in some media apps such as Play Movies and Netflix when you try to perform an action identical, at the same time, the attempt to use a feature screen shots of your assistant and Google’s smartphone lead to the appearance of a message stating that “an error occurred, try again later”.

It is clear that this change, which focuses on security reflects a sense of Google that users expect a higher level of privacy when you use incognito mode, as they are in line with the property which works to alert the user that the site is not secure if the intended site still uses HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS.


Source: incognito mode in Google Chrome prohibits screenshots

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